Streby Speedway 2015 Schedule

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Here is the now official schedule for 2015 at Streby Speedway. Race #1 Times are set, All other times are still to be determined, but will be about when they have run in the past.


Sunday April 19th – Race #1 (points race)  Season Opener

Sunday May 3rd – Race #2 (points race)

10:00am – Pits Open, 10:30-11:55 – Weigh-In/Pill Draw, 12:00 Pit Meeting, Hot Laps, & Qualifying, 1:00 Racing 

Saturday May 16th – Race #3 (points race)

Sunday May 31st – Race #4 (points race)

Sunday June 14th – Race #5 (points race)

Saturday July 4th – Race #6 (points race) 9th Annual Firecracker 40, 50/50 Drawing, Pot Luck, & Fireworks

Sunday July 5th – Race #7 (non-points race / Racers who can’t attend on July 4th, but do race on July 5th will be given show-up points)

Friday July 31st – Race #8 (points race)

Friday August 14th – Race #9 (points race)

Saturday September 12th – Race #10 (points race)

Saturday September 26th – Race #11 (points race) Season Championship, Pot Luck, & 50/50 Drawing

Saturday October 3rd – TBD (non-points special event)


10 Point Races

2 Non-Point Races

5 Sunday Races

5 Saturday Races

2 Friday Night Races


Sunday April 26th – Rain Date for Race #1

Saturday May 9th – Rain Date for Race #1 or #2

Sunday July 5th – Rain Date #1 for “Firecracker 40″

Sunday July 12th – Rain Date #2 for “Firecracker 40″

Saturday October 3rd – Rain Date for Race #11

Saturday October 10th – Rain Date for Race #11

Start Times:

10:00am – Pits Open, 10:30-11:55 – Weigh-In/Pill Draw, 12:00 Pit Meeting, Hot Laps, & Qualifying, 1:00 Racing

Driver Roster: (Updated as of 4/21/15)


  7. 39X / TO BE DETERMINED / ?
  10. 71 / NICK HULL / EVERETT, WA





2015 Streby Speedway Point Standings

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2015 Streby Speedway Point Standings:


35 Allen Terrell* 94 94
8H Ed Harris 91 91
3 Kenzi Thomas 89 89
7S Michael Streby 83 83
39 Jessie Gonzalez 79 79
71 Nick Hull 75 75
4 Astra Roy$ 74 74
4H Matt Handly$ 73 73
5 Jim Streby 68 68
99 Jeff Berry 61 61
42H Nick Handly$ 61 61
91 Matt Streby 60 60
82 Harry Schaler 58 58
71X Connor Ferguson$ 57 57
53 Andy Jacobson 56 56
75 Sylvia Mastej 55 55
22 J.J. Doerner$ 49 49
44X Suzanne Reid$ 45 45
44 Ryan Cully 44 44
Kart # *=Main Event Win 0 Race #1
  $=Rookie Driver 0 April 19th


35 Terrell Racing Development 94 94
8H Ed Harris 91 91
3 Jet Motorsports 89 89
7S Michael Streby 83 83
39 Strebfest Motorsports 79 79
71 Strebfest/Hull Motorsports 75 75
4 TK Motorsports 74 74
4H Handly Motorsports 73 73
5 Jet Motorsports 68 68
99 Ground Chuck Racing 61 61
42H Handly Motorsports 61 61
91 Strebfest Motorsports 60 60
82 Haulin Harry Racing 58 58
71X Strebfest/Hull Motorsports 57 57
53 Terrell Racing Development 56 56
75 Jet/Strebfest Motorsports 55 55
22 J.J. Doerner 49 49
44X One Time Motorsports 45 45
44 One Time Motorsports 44 44
Kart # *=Main Event Win   Race #1
      April, 19th

Results from Race #1 April 19th, 2015

**(17 Karts Entered-New Track Record)

**(20 Racers Entered-Ties Track Record)


  1. 3-Kenzi Thomas  8.64
  2. 35-Allen Terrell  8.69
  3. 71-Nick Hull  8.75
  4. 8h-Ed Harris  8.81
  5. 39-Jessie Gonzalez  8.85
  6. 5-Jim Streby  8.88
  7. 53-Andy Jacobson  8.95
  8. 4-Astra Roy  8.98
  9. 4h-Matt Handly  9.08
  10. 91-Matt Streby  9.13
  11. 99-Jeff Berry  9.14
  12. 7s-Michael Streby  9.21
  13. 71x-Connor Ferguson  9.23
  14. 75-Sylvia Mastej  9.27
  15. 82-Harry Schaler  9.37
  16. 42h-Nick Handly  9.37
  17. 44x-Suzanne Reid  9.65
  18. 22-J.J. Doerner  10.31
  19. 44-Ryan Cully  10.41
  20. 4X-Tom Kays  (No Time)

Heat 1: Lineup (44,42h,71x,4,5,8h,3)

  1. 8h-Ed Harris
  2. 3-Kenzi Thomas
  3. 42h-Nick Handly
  4. 4-Astra Roy
  5. 5-Jim Streby
  6. 71x-Connor Ferguson
  7. 44-Ryan Cully

Heat 2: Lineup (7s,4h,53,71,35,44x)

  1. 35-Allen Terrell
  2. 4h-Matt Handly
  3. 7s-Michael Streby
  4. 71-Nick Hull
  5. 53-Andy Jacobson
  6. 44x-Suzanne Reid-DNS

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Streby Speedway Welcomes Two New Sponsors for 2015

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Streby Speedway is pleased to welcome Thermotech and JB Sandblasters Inc as new sponsors for 2015.



Located in Monroe at 17197 Tye St SE, Thermotech offers a wide range of services to meet your project needs including powdercoating, thermo plastic coating, and media blasting. You can find them online at or you can contact Zach Brown at 360-863-9035 or by email at with any questions.




Located in Arlington at 6105 192nd NE Unit 1, JB Sandblasters, Inc. serves King, Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom counties. Bring them anything that you’d like sandblasted, and they’ll prep it by cleaning it up and sandblasting off all of the soot, dirt and over burn, bringing it down to a completely new metal. That means that you’ll receive a quality product that’s prepped for your specific needs, every time. You can find them online at or contact them at 360-435-4477.

If you have any powdercoating or sandblasting needs please support these 2 companies since they support Streby Speedway. If you use them please let them know that you found them through Streby Speedway.

Heat Race Format Change for 2015

Posted: February 17, 2015 by strebfest in Race Format & Rules

Streby Speedway is making a change to its Heat Race Format for 2015:

We are doing away with the fast, and medium qualifiers heats. Those drivers will now race in two mixed heats. We will still be running a slow qualifiers heat only when we have (16) or more racers.

After qualifying, the driver who sets quick time will roll a dice to determine which heat race format we will use for that day.

**With 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 15 racers, A dice roll of (1 thru 5) we will run all heats mixed and fully inverted. A dice roll of (6) we will run all mixed heats, everyone will run (1) heat fully inverted, and (1) heat straight up.

**With 16 or more racers, A dice roll of (1 thru 5) we will run (1) slow qualifiers heat fully inverted, and the rest of the heats will be fully inverted mixed heats. A dice roll of (6) we will run all mixed heats (no slow heat), everyone will run (1) heat fully inverted, and (1) heat straight up.

**The only time we will not do a dice roll after qualifying is when we have either (13) or (14) racers. The heats will automatically be, all mixed heats and fully inverted.


Press Release

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Streby Speedway would just like to update everyone on a few things.

First we would like to thank the following people:

Harry Schaler for sponsoring trophies for the Top 3 finishers of the A-Mains for 11 of the 12 races this year.

Scott Murdoch for sponsoring stickers for the Top 3 finishers for all the A-Mains.

Jet Motorsports for sponsoring trophies for the Top 3 finishers of both the A and B Mains for the “Firecracker 40″.

Adam Ulrey from for sponsoring the Quick Time Award for the “Firecracker 40″ and and Strebfest Motorsports for sponsoring the Gigantic Fireworks Show on July 4th.

Tyler Hood will be sponsoring an award for the 2015 Rookie of the Year.

Matt Handly who has offered free welding / metal fab service to fix any broken parts anyone needs free of charge to the Mean 18 kart owners.

We are still looking for sponsors for season ending awards such as trophies or plaques for the Top 10 finishers in Driver Points. Also for Top Rookie finisher of the “Firecracker 40″, and Hard Charger of the “Firecracker 40″.

Also looking for anyone interested in sponsoring the Back Row Challenge for 2015, as our 2014 sponsor Terrell Racing Development will no longer be sponsoring this. We would like to thank TRD for there sponsorship last year, it was greatly appreciated.

We are still currently looking for prizes for our 50/50 Raffle on July 4th, One winner will take home 50% of the pot, then we will Raffle off prizes as well. So far we have recieved a Barbeque Accesories set/Cooler from Strebfest Motorsports. We will accept anything from anybody.

Also Kenzi Thomas is looking into getting some Streby Speedway T-Shirts made up, I believe they will be an event shirt for the Firecracker 40.



2015 Streby Speedway Season Preview

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2015 Streby Speedway Season Preview:

On Sunday April 12th, 2015 Streby Speedway will start its 21st season of operation with a playday/tech day open to all kart owners of the “Mean 18″ and our newly formed “Waiting List”. Then one week later on Sunday April 19th will be the season opener of the biggest year in the tracks history, with twelve races on the 2015 schedule (ten points races, and two non point races) highlighted by the first ever 2 day event in the tracks history on July 4th with the 9th Annual “Firecracker 40″ with BBQ Potluck, & Gigantic Fireworks show Presented by, then on July 5th with a non points race. 2015 should have a nice balance with (5) Saturday races (5) Sunday races, and (2) Friday night races. With points races ending on Saturday September 26th with a potluck after the races, and then ending the season with a special format (to be determined) non points race on Saturday October 3rd.

Driver Preview:

2014 track champion Michael Streby of Snohomish is looking to start a new streak, and will be defending his 19th track championship aboard his #7S emmick. The “Fonz” leads the all-time list in every major category A-Main wins (23), Heat Race wins (27), and Quick Time Awards (25).

Bellingham’s Kenzi Thomas found victory lane twice in 2014, and will have her sights set on improving one spot in the standings to become the 2015 track champion. Thomas had an amazing (14) Heat Race wins in (18) attempts in 2014. She will be driving the Land Shark Racing #98K with help from RPM Race Co..

Harry Schaler of Burlington found himself on the podium three times in 2014, but did not find victory lane. He will be looking for win number two at the famous bull ring in 2015. Schaler greatly improved his qualifying in 2014 which led to much better results. Harry showed he is a threat to win the championship in 2015 aboard his #82 machine.

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2015 Driver Profiles

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Driver: Scott Murdoch                                                  

Nickname: “Slammin”                                              1ScottMurdoch

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Birthdate: July 5th, 1957

Kart #: 1

Chassis: 2000 Legend

Owner: Murdoch Motorsports/Terrell Racing Development                                                                                                                                                        

Sponsors: TRD Motorsports, Swindell Motorsports, NST, Channellock, TMC, John Christner Trucking, Super Shox, Big Game Tree Stands, Rossi Feed & Grain, Skagit Speedway, Sno-Lynn Machine.

Racing Background/Accomplishments: 25 Time Canadian National Champion, with over 100 career feature wins (all in his head).

“Slammin Scotty” will again be teaming up with TRD Motorsports in 2015, But mainly in a owners role as he is still rehabing a shoulder injury from the 2013 season. Hopefully his fans will see him race a couple of times in 2015.


Driver: Riley Hood                                                   

Nickname: The “Wild Child”

Hometown: Arlington, WA                                      3rileyHood2014

Birthdate: April 14th, 1998

Kart #: 3

Chassis: 1991 Emmick

Owner: Jet Motorsports

Sponsors: XYZ Machine

Racing Background/Accomplishments: 6 years in racing the 5hp class at Streby Speedway, was the Rookie of the year in 2010. Won the 2013 “Firecracker 40″.

Riley finished 12th in the Driver Standings in 2014, with (1) A-Main Top 5,  (1) A-Main Hard Charger awards, (2) B-Main Wins, and (3) Heat Race Wins to move up to a tie for 6th with his kart owner Jim Streby on the all-time list with (13 total).

The “Wild Child” tore his ACL playing basketball, and is rehabing the injury with the hope of making it out for the Season Opener on April 19th. He will once again be driving for Jet Motorsports in 2015.

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2014 Streby Speedway Season Highlights DVD Available Now

The 2014 Season Highlights DVD is a (2) Disc set that includes all Nine Races at Streby Speedway highlighted by the 8th Annual “Firecracker 40″ (which includes Qualifying, all the races, and the Spectacular Grand Finale of the Enormous Fireworks Show). It also has a 25 Minute Slide Show set to a great soundtrack that documents the entire 2014 Season.

Produced By: Strebfest Entertainment

There are (2) Options if you would like to purchase a DVD:

Option (1) – $10 includes the 2014 Season Highlights DVD

Option (2) – $20 includes the 2014 Season Highlights DVD + (24)  50/50 Raffle Tickets. (12) Tickets for the Drawing on July 4th, & (12) Tickets for the Drawing at Season Championships. That’s (10) FREE Tickets only available to those who purchase this DVD. *You do not need to be present to win.

To purchase a DVD just E-Mail Strebfest Entertainment at or Text them at 425-223-2037, You will receive confirmation that your order was received and can discuss payment & shipping options.

**Also Available on DVD**

  • The 2012 Streby Speedway Season Highlights DVD – $5
  • The 2013 Streby Speedway Season Highlights DVD – $8


Matt & Michael Streby

Strebfest Entertainment

Changes, News, and Notes for 2015 Season

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We will be expanding the Mean 16 to the Mean 18. We are basing this off of all kart owners who raced in 2014. The following are the members who are allowed to compete at all races at Streby Speedway in 2015:

  1. #3 Jet Motorsports
  2. #4 TK Motorsports
  3. #4h Handly Motorsports
  4. #5 Jet Motorsports
  5. #7s Michael Streby
  6. #8h Ed Harris
  7. #17 TNT Motorsports
  8. #22 JJ Doerner
  9. #35 Terrell Racing Development
  10. #39 Strebfest Motorsports
  11. #42h Handly Motorsports
  12. #44 One-Time Motorsports
  13. #53 Terrell Racing Development
  14. #71 – Strebfest/Hull Motorsports
  15. #82 – Haulin Harry Racing
  16. #91 – Strebfest Motorsports
  17. #98k – Landshark Racing
  18. #99 – Ground Chuck Racing

Any other person wanting to race at Streby Speedway in 2015 must have a legal kart and must be invited. (You can’t show up unannounced.)

So far only #75 Sylvia Mastej, #20 Jessica Smathers , #78 Joe Constance, #29 Rick Sears,  ?# Terrell Racing Development (3rd entry), and ?# Craig Thornton are on our waiting list to be invited if one or more of the “Mean 18″ will not be in attendance at any of our races.

All Mean 18 members must make at least 25% of point races run in 2015 to maintain active status for 2016, failure to make at least 25% of the races ran may result in the loss of their Mean 18 member status for 2016. If we determine a 2015 “Mean 18″ member did not race enough to maintain membership, that owner will be replaced by an owner on the 2015 “Waiting List”, and will be added in order by who made the most starts in 2015.


  • We would appreciate all Mean 18 members to make a suggested minimum donation of $50 to track owner Jim Streby to help pay expenses and keep the track open. This is less than $5 per race! You pay $40 for less than 20 laps in a race day at most other places.
  • Anybody who would like to sponsor or donate trophies or stickers for individual races and/or season point championship please contact Matt Streby.
  • We will be having 2 50/50 drawings (on July 4th and Sept 26th) and are looking for other prizes to be donated to be raffled off in addition to the 50/50 prize. (Some examples include T-Shirts, Gift Certificates, Parts, Tools, etc.) We will put a list on our website and include a link back to whatever the donor wants.
  • Our July 4th Firework Extravaganza is being sponsored by, but we would appreciate if others would contribute by either donating fireworks or cash to help the show. (A lot of time, money, and effort goes into putting on this awesome free show!)


  • Main event laps will vary and include some of 25 laps, 30, laps, 35 laps, and 40 laps.
  • Heat race lineups might be different based on a dice roll for inversions and for some races we may do away with the fast, medium, and slow heats in favor of all mixed heats.
  • We are going to try and run the show faster this year especially during the heat races. This means it is your responsibility to have your kart in race-ready condition at all times including when you first arrive to the track. If you know you need some help prior to the start of the race day then you should pre-arrange a time to come early and get the work done before our scheduled pit meeting.

Tech / Rules Enforcement

  • Remember we have a BOX STOCK engine rule – this means you are not allowed to alter your motor including the carburetor in any way!
  • We will be doing random techs throughout the season on everyone, but if we suspect you have altered something then you WILL be teched.
  • Any driver who finishes in the top 3 in A-Mains 3 times may be subject to having motor torn down to be inspected. If we do tear down this must be done before the next race.
  • If you are illegal you must either make it legal before you can race again or you may be allowed to run with a restrictor plate.

Staff Help

  • We are looking for some help on race days with the following positions: flagman, back-straight flagman/cone-man, scorers, videographer, and photographer. In the past everyone has filled in where they could, but if anyone knows someone who wants to do any of these duties full-time we would gladly accept their help.